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Why Flexible Protection Systems

With all the potential hazards in a warehouse, an often-overlooked threat to safety are the edges of the building itself. From looming industrial racks to zooming forklifts, and even obstructive columns, there are potential hazards on (literally) every corner.

Here’s why more and more businesses are choosing to use Kite’s Flexible Protection Systems in their workplaces.

Protecting People

Kite’s priority is safety above all else, and that starts with protecting lives. It is estimated that 90% of pallet rack failure is caused by forklifts. A large amount of these incidents are caused by the vehicles hitting the pallet racks.

This type of accident is incredibly dangerous as falling objects can be lethal, even if the object is small or dropped from a relatively low height. Kite’s triple shock-absorbent rack guards help to prevent these incidents, significantly minimising the impact from a forklift colliding with pallet racks.

A further product designed to protect workers is the Pedestrian Safety Barrier, which provide safe zones for workers, site visitors and any other pedestrians from the hazards of a busy operating area. By safeguarding entire zones for workers, the risk of accidents occurring during break times is significantly reduced.

Not all threats to operatives' safety come from forklifts and racking collapses however – sometimes the greatest risks lie just under our noses. With Cable Cover Protection, slips and trips over exposed wires can be almost eradicated, with far less chance of sprains, breakages or even concussions resulting from these accidents. Worker safety, no matter the cost, is always Kite's number one priority.

Protecting Products

Pallet rack collapses are a real danger to workers, but they also affect products. Damaged goods can seriously set businesses back, as they impact lead times, increase costs and could impact customer loyalty and repeat sales.

It is not just rack protection that safeguards goods – Kite’s Rack-end, Corner and Column Protection ensure that these surfaced are cushioned and protect any goods which may glance against them from impact.

Protecting Equipment

Forklifts are incredibly useful tools for warehouse workers, but they come with their own hazards. Manoeuvring, blind spots and speed are some areas of risk for both the vehicle and the driver, and proper training is essential for a safe workplace.

However, there are additional steps that can be taken to mitigate these risks. Kite’s Access & Egress, Fence and Bflex Barrier Protection systems are designed to provide maximum safety limits, control speed and high visibility inside and around the warehouse, all to facilitate the safe passage of forklifts.

Protecting the Workplace

When considering safety, the workplace itself might not spring to mind as being at risk. However, a fire breaking out in a warehouse is one of the most destructive and dangerous scenarios for a business to deal with. This is why the materials of Kite’s Flexible Protection Systems are self-extinguishing and resistant to chemicals, oils and fuels. Reducing the spread of potential fires is a concern that should be foremost when considering warehouse materials.

Kite also offer many products that protect the workplace from the wear and tear of a thriving business. Our Guard Rails consist of the cutting-edge REFLEX technology which provides resistance to even the heaviest of impacts. In this way, Walls, Kerbs and Corners are all safeguarded from risk of collision with forklifts or even larger vehicles.

Loading bays are one such high-risk area, with a potential for heavier vehicles to impact operations. This is why Kite's Loading Bays Protection are so effective in reducing hazards of flipping, falling, or slipping vehicles. The high visibility of the REFLEX material additionally guides drivers to the optimum loading spots - helping to maximise efficiency as well as safety in your business.

Overall, there are many reasons to choose Kite’s Flexible Protection Systems for your warehouse. All of Kite’s FPS products are highly visible, non-toxic, and self-extinguishing. They are also incredibly durable; an installation of FPS in your warehouse can last a lifetime and could save countless more.


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