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Terrence Higgins Bridge To 2030 Garden


North Wales, UK


Public Garden


Our customer is a leader in high-quality outdoor space design and construction who has over 20 years of experience in the landscaping and garden design industry. They’ve project managed and built schemes across London and the southeast, including nine RHS show gardens at Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows. They’ve also collaborated with award-winning garden designers.

In North Wales, our customer created the “Bridge to 2030 Garden” within the Terrence Higgins Trust Garden. The entrance features a monolith slate stepping stone, symbolising a bridge to a future with no new HIV cases. Reclaimed and recycled materials, such as timber and patchwork metal, were used extensively. Permeable surfaces allow water to percolate into the ground, and steel gabions provide structure without cement adhesives. The garden received a Silver Gilt and Best Construction award at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2024.


Show Gardens at Chelsea are built from scratch in just 19 days and then dismantled in five days. Over 2,000 tonnes of earth are moved in preparation for the show, showcasing the incredible effort behind each garden design.


Kite took pride in contributing to the success of the ‘Bridge to 2030 Garden’ by providing a customised ball-standard handrail system.

The requirement wasn’t for our handrail system to look as it usually does. Instead, we were asked to create a weathered, recycled metal handrail with rustic charm that would contrast beautifully with the lush garden landscape and the wooden walkway. We achieved this by using a self-coloured steel system that was allowed to rust for the desired aesthetic effect. Our solution perfectly matched the specific look our customer requested.


It served as an excellent example of a weathered handrail that contributes to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the outdoor space. The timeframe for this project was tight, but Kite Group proved capable of delivering exceptional results and meeting challenging deadlines


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