KITE's high quality anti-slip safety range offers excellent enhancements to underfoot safety to the majority of public sectors and industry in general.

Method statements and risk assessments are prepared individually for each application.  Sample statements are available on requires.

As safety equipment suppliers, we have a huge range of products but if you cannot find what you’re looking for give us a call.


KITE's high quality anti-slip safety range offers great enhancements to underfoot safety to the majority of public sectors and industry in general.
  • Flooring: - Our strong walkway mesh has excellent anti-slip properties. Our metal flooring is excellent for inclines and heights, the mesh functions as a pure drainage, allowing the water to freely flow. With a good exterior, our metal flooring is appropriate where shape and look of it is essential although certainly not compromising on safety.
  • Galvanised: - All Kite’s steel mesh is produced from a range of degrees. The highly popular results are hot rolled, cold reduced, electro-zinc and galvanised steel. All items can be covered by several applications, for example, by galvanising or painting, etc. All steel degrees provided fit to the qualified quality guidelines. Kite’s pre-galvanised steel meshes are offered in different sizes and patterns. Galvanised floored mesh is used for purification and agricultural applications. Give us a call if there’s something you’re looking for and couldn’t find, we will be more than happy to assist.
  • What is GRP (glass reinforced plastic)? It is a material for flooring, stair treads and plates that poses numerous advantages.  It is erosion and slip-resilient and can endure key effects. It is cost-effective and much lighter, in terms of weight, than steel and enhances protection by decreasing the rate of slip. GRP flooring additionally is chemical and fire resistance and require almost no maintenance. GRP fits for many uses like walkways, oil rigs, scaffolds, chemical plants, slopes, work-spaces, aisles and factory surfaces and floors, platforms, structures and passageways.
  • Stear treads:- Metal stair tread nosing can simply be inserted to present stairs. They are cost effective and involves not much time. It is extremely resilient. Non-slip stair tread nosing helps avoid falls and slips.