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Edinburgh Airport Project


Edinburgh, Scotland


Global Infrastructure Partners


Airport | Parking Zone 


As the busiest airport in Scotland, Edinburgh Airport handles thousands of passengers on a daily basis, with over 14.7 million in 2019 alone. The airport flies its passengers to over 150 destinations across world, from Bari to Barbados.
The airport originated as a defence base used by the Royal Flying Corps in 1916 called the Turnhouse Aerodrome. The post was the most northerly British defence base used at the time, and by the time of the Second World War was taken over by RAF Fighter Command.  RAF Turnhouse remained operational for the whole post-war period, and only closed in 1997.
The Ministry of Aviation took over ownership in 1960 in order to boost the airport’s commercial capacity. Since then, the airport has changed hands several times, with the British Airport Authority taking over in 1971 and Global Infrastructure Partners buying from them in 2020.

The opening of the Edinburgh Tram line in 2014, another of KITE’s projects, brought even more customers to the airport. Although the number of passengers increased, the number of flights decreased in this year due to planes operating at higher capacity – maximising efficiency. It has been estimated that Edinburgh Airport contributes almost £1 billion to the Scottish economy every year.


Kite was part of improving the safety standards across the entry and exit points, by supplying a Hand-railing System to protect the movement of pedestrians and visitors on walkways. Kite also supplied the airport’s parking zones with Crash Barrier Systems to protect the property fences, railways boarders, and other railing application from any potential hazard. In addition to this, Kite supplied one of our best safety products, the Access Ladder Kit, to grant access to the roof where maintenance is needed. This system was applied in different areas of the airport for the safety of technicians and engineers who run their checks on a daily basis.


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