handrail tube D-size dimension diagram

Kite® TopFix offers collective Fixed Roof Edge Protection System for metal profile and standing seam roofs up to 45 degrees.

Our Top Fix roof edge protection system is mainly designed to be fixed right to the top of copings or a parapet wall. This system is permanent and perfect for areas where the wall is not high enough to provide protection from falls or slips. It is supplied in a modular kit form which is quick and simple to install with no requirement to on-site welding or bending. Our top fix system fits flat or slopped corrugated roofs.

The fixed roof guardrails system is available in galvanised steel and consists of a fortified base plate that have several fixing centres which allows the system to be fitted on a broad range of rooftops. Rivets and sealing strip are used to fix the system to profile roofs, guaranteeing minimum penetration.


The system includes galvanised upright posts and open saddle fitting which allows fast implementation. The horizontal galvanised tubes are simply fitted to the cradle clamp to provide a roof protection solution.

All our Rivet Fixed Guardrail System components are to suit our 48.3mm outside diameter tube size. It is an off the shelf product so there would be no necessity to fabricate a different solution for each site. This helps reduce site visits.