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Resistance to low temp sign -30 degree
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Our Cold Line System is made from a unique polymer designed to perform between +50 and -30 degree. A specific solution for the safety and protection of areas at risk of impact, in environments with negative temperature such as cold storage facilities for food preservation. This cold line system is suitable to protect corners, entrances, gates, panels and cold rooms walls from damages caused by collision of moving vehicles.

The system consists of bollards and guardrails to protect all infrastructure from impact and is highly visible for pedestrians and vehicles operators. Whether your operation is with low or medium traffic, this system will provide the needed safety for your cold storage operation. The system is highly elastic and compliant with the Directive UE 2015/863(ROHS). It is 100% recyclable with HB Flammability Rating According to UL 94. Moreover, this system is non-toxic and suitable for food contact. It is highly visible with no painting required.

The resistance of this system extends to include chemicals, oil and fuels. Also, it is resistant to humidity and salinity. It is produced to be Rot-and mildew-proof system. When fitting our cold line system, few components of the system need chemical anchor to be installed.

Check also our Fence Protection to protect your Rack sides.

All our Cold Line System products are:

Resistant to low temperatures

Available in yellow colour only

ROD 70

  • Light load for hand-pallet trucks

  • Ideal for areas used by hand trucks

  • Smooth rounded design with cap in anti-shock material

  • Easy to be removed and replaced

  • M20 galvanised steel threaded bar with resin anchor

  • Hygienic concealed fixing system

  • Clean Room and Food Grade Compliant

  • 70 mm diameter x 266 mm high 

ROD 120

  • Heavy load on forklifts

  • Easy to be removed and replaced

  • Resistant to Low Temperature

  • M30 galvanised steel threaded bar with resin anchor

  • Ideal for areas with heavy traffic

  • Smooth rounded design with cap in anti-shock material

  • Hygienic concealed fixing system

  • Clean room and Food Grade Compliant

  • 120 mm diameter- available in 433, 560 and 800 mm high