KITE provides multiple different Modular Handrail Systems and handrail clamps and key clamps handrail systems in the UK as follows:-

Ball Standard and Tube System

Roof Edge Protection System

Return Bends

Mesh Infill Panels

Gates and Gate Accessories

Kick Plates

Weldable Components

GRP Tube Clamps

Galvanised Tube Clamps

DDA Tube Clamps


KITE supplies multiple different Modular Handrail Systems and Exterior Handrail Systems as well as handrail key clamps and handrail related components as follows:-

  • Our handrail standards or hand rail systems are also called Uprights or Stanchions.

  • Handrail Clamps and Tube System - Galvanised:- This system consists of a wide variety of hot dip galvanised iron key clamps to fit 5 different sizes of galvanised steel tube. This can be used to create handrail and multiple different installations to protect personnel. Our tube clamp fittings are manufactures with simplicity and involve no welding, threading or bending, needing only a ratchet key or Allen key to tighten the screws and to join the galvanised tubes in no time! Our huge range of tube clamps allows them to be used in different applications. Ex-Stock available so you can order now and get same day dispatch. T&C's apply.

  • Ball Standard and Tube System - Galvanised:- This system consists of ‘Ball’ type handrail posts and handrails which once passed through the ball in the post are locked in position by way of a grub-screw to form a complete handrail. Different post diameters, wall thickness and spacing coupled with a variety of base types mean that the majority of loading requirements are met whilst maintaining great aesthetic. Its aesthetic qualities are usually preferred to clamp, and other types of handrail system. The system is easily erected/dismantled in small sections and can be ‘tailored’ to suit many applications.

  • Key clamp handrail system UK - GRP (powder coated):- This system consists of a wide variety of GRP key clamps which fit to GRP tube to create a wide variety of hand rails and other structures. Key advantages include corrosion proof, high visibility and no hot work.

  • Key clamp railing system UK  - Aluminium:- This system consists of highly polished aluminium key clamps which fit to aluminium tube to create multiple different designs of hand railing and other structures.  The highly visual look of these products means they are ideally suited for architectural applications as well as arduous industrial environments.

  • Three types of return bends: 90 Degree Tube Bend - Raked Return Bend and D-Return Bend.

  • Made to order Mesh Infill Panels, for more information click here.

  • Half Height Self Closing Gates and Full Height Self Closing Gates. They come complete with a ball standard attached and the full height gates are complete with kick plate along the base of the gate.

  • Roof Edge Protection System - Galvanised (BS 8180-2011 | BS EN 13374:2004 | BS 4592-0:2006+A1:2012 | BS EN ISO 14122-3:2001+A1:2010) :- This highly versatile roof edge system for protecting personnel incorporates many unique features, including aesthetic design for architectural applications, highly durable moulded rubber weights with long life span, extremely easy installation and integrated gates.




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