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KITE's intimate understanding of workplace safety has established KITE as a market leader in height safety solutions. Our commitment to reliability and quality is foremost when others safety is paramount.

As suppliers of access ladders, we offer two reliable products: our Standard Safety Ladder Modular System and the GRP Fibreglass System. We also provide Access Ladder Kits in different heights. These solutions are designed to meet the safety needs of various industries.


Access ladders, like step ladders or step-over platforms, are effective in all businesses. Our cat ladder kits come in several ranges of forms, dimensions and materials to fit every setting and budget. Safety is of extreme significance; therefore, guaranteeing that you have the right equipment for employees to make use of is vital.


Our Standard Ladder Modular System is prefabricated and suitable for most industries, including:

  • Airports

  • Petrochemical Plants

  • Manhole Access

  • Sewage Works

  • Oil Rigs

  • Ships and harbour Walls

  • Maintenance Access for most buildings

Each kit contains a ladder, hoops, side bars, landing, ‘F’ plates, ladder stays and bolts.

Kite also provides ladder parts separately if required. For further information, please contact us.

In addition to our range of ladders, we also provide fibreglass GRP access ladders, which are lightweight but extraordinarily strong for working at height. Our platform systems, ladders and access kit products are suitable for various uses in different settings, from warehouses, power stations and factories to retail stores, airports and schools, posing great benefit and high quality.

All Composite Ladders and Safety Cages are manufactured in-house, in dimensional accordance with BS 4211, & BS 5395. (Stairs, Ladders and Walkways)

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