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We at Kite Group strive to deliver efficient and lasting outcomes to every project with custom designed solutions and safe practices, improving the lives of every stakeholder. We will do our best to comply with your specification, complete the job and secure the site for years to come. Our technical expertise will provide the best solutions, products, and support. 

Forth bridge in Edinburgh GRP moulded grating panel platform and walkway and yellow grp handrail over the sea

Kite supplied GRP moulded gratings for the long steel panels of the Forth Bridge walkways.

edinburgh airport roofedge top freestanding protection system

Kite supplied handrailing systems, crash barriers and freestanding roof-edge protection system.


Kite supplied the site with GRP grating panels to secure safe access for landline cables and pipes.

dunalastair fam handrail system on the roof edge and a stream underneath

Kite supplied the site with galvanised handrail system to secure the walkways and roof edge.

edinburgh tram stop galvanised handrails and clamps system

Kite supplied to Edinburgh Tram the handrailing systems in different fittings to maintain safety.

North Berwick galvanised gandrails and open mesh flooring on it's harbour.

Kite supplied a handrail system and open mesh flooring to this harbour project.

eastfield railway maintenance station grp handrail system and grp mesh infills with an engineer walking to its side

Kite supplied the site with GRP handrailing systems on the sides as well as GRP mesh infills.

Kite Packaging warehouse with flexible protection systems applied

Kite Packaging Warehouse 

KITE supplied Flexible protection systems for Kite Packaging’s warehouse to ensure Maximum safety.

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