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TUV logo accredited to flexible protection system

Our Pedestrian Safety Barriers provide safe access zones for all operatives, site visitors, and pedestrians who are exposed to FLT/MHE and any other moving vehicles.

These pedestrian barriers are modular and flexible. They provide levels of protection from light to higher-risk environments. Our Pedestrian barriers are impact-absorbing polymers; each system is designed to dissipate the energy of collisions without transferring stress to the floor substrate.

The intrinsic memory of the REFLEX system enables it to completely return to its original shape time and time again. Using high-visibility, self-colour REFLEX material, pedestrian areas are made obvious while ensuring the vehicular protection required.

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Our Pedestrian Barriers are supplied with relevant fixing-stainless steel options. 

HR 90

  • Primarily designed to ensure safe walkways, protecting pedestrians from hand pallet trucks and forklift routes

  • Light load for hand-pallet trucks

  • Available in yellow only.

  • Base plate and fittings are galvanised steel as standard/stainless steel option is available.

  • The standard length available is 1500 mm, with a height of 1100 mm.

  • Corner options are available.

PED 90

  • Primarily segregate and safeguard pedestrians from truck and forklift routes.

  • Ideal when light loads are handled

  • Flexible protective barrier with corner solution

  • Adaptable to customer needs in customised length. 1500 mm standard length with the ability to extend through fixings

  • Can be moved and reused after installation.

  • Scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

  • Heavy loads on forklifts

  • Base plate and fittings are galvanised steel as standard/stainless steel option is available.

  • Also available in a grey option.


  • Protects against lower impacts

  • High visibility and scratch-resistant colour to reduce collision risk

  • Maintain a distinctive design.

  • Ground-level reinforced element designed for optimal pedestrian protection

  • Fully attached to the pavement, preventing forks from passing through.

  • Available in 2000 mm modules

  • Check Link3 Barriers for heavy traffic options