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Flexible Protection Systems for Kite Packaging Project


Coventry, England


Kite Packaging Limited


Packaging | Packaging waste | Wrapping 


Kite Packaging are the UK’s leading supplier of packing solutions. The rapidly-expanding company started in 2001 and specialise in boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard, paper, plastic, pallet wrap and much more.

Kite Packaging operate from six branches across the UK, in Coventry, Rotherham, Portsmouth, Sittingbourne, Letchworth and Swindon. Their online service focuses on streamlined customer service and competitive pricing, making them the UK’s most successful online packaging business. They also provide environmental services including auditing and reporting on packaging waste, as well as helping customers understand and comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations.

In August 2022, Kite Packaging opened a state-of-the-art Campus at Puma Park in Coventry to accommodate their business expansion. With around 400,000 square feet, the Campus includes its largest-ever warehouse, meeting room suite, canteen area and even a breakout space with a pool table. As Coventry was the company’s original base, the Campus represents a new phase of growth for the Kite Packaging as they estimate the creation of a further 170 jobs in the local area.


The company have been vocal in their environmental responsibility, helping companies to reduce, reuse and recycle in their packaging solutions. In 2021, Kite Packaging were verified as having net zero carbon emissions, making them officially a Carbon Neutral company. A further shift to renewable energy tariffs through use of solar panels and on-site water recycling have been made possible through the new expansion into Puma Park in Coventry. 


As a company dedicated to social responsibility and the well-being of its workers, it is no surprise that Kite Packaging took extra measures in their new warehouse to ensure safety came first. KITE Group became part of the project by supplying the warehouse with its cutting-edge Flexible Protection System. A smart, durable and sustainable solution, KITE’s FPS products are perfectly suited to the modus operandi of Kite Packaging. The REFLEX technology used in our Flexible Protection Systems are designed to efficiently deflect and absorb the force of impact, greatly reducing the strain on the floor and fixings of the workplace.

KITE supplied Bollards to protect the columns of the warehouse, reducing the potential damage from collision with a forklift. Available in a range of sizes, Kite Packaging opted for a height of 1050 mm to suit their specific requirements. The brightly coloured Techno-polymer material also aids visibility, helping drivers to maintain a safe distance from the obstacles around them.


KITE also provided Pedestrian Safety Barriers to protect pedestrian areas from hand pallet truck and forklift routes. The HR 90 was supplied in a range of lengths bespoke to the warehouse’s requirements. As you can see from the pictures above, the barriers were used to divide the warehouse floor space into clearly delineated zones for pedestrians and vehicles.

Additionally, KITE supplied FPS Guard Rails for the warehouse to help protect the walls of the new Campus from both light and heavy moving vehicles. Made from the same impact-resistant material, the compact guardrail system helps to protect the warehouse infrastructure. Kite Packaging chose the GR 150 option to provide protection in areas with forklift and hand pallet traffic. They also used the GR 150 to flag up less visible obstacles, as seen in the pictures above.

Overall, KITE’s Flexible Protection System was a great fit for Kite Packaging’s new warehouse and will continue to provide safety and security in their new venture for many years to come.


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