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A new guard rail system made from polymer and specifically designed for the protection of the walls against light and heavy moving trucks and forklifts. These guard rails are resistant to trolley movements. It has been designed by following an innovative technical design that combines speed and simplicity in the steps of installation and cleaning. All our products provide customer solutions through different available lengths.

Our guard rails, made from REFLEX material, provide high visibility in the workplace. It also guarantees higher resistance to various types of impact and ease of cleaning over time.


Kite's team is happy to offer help at any design stage to assist in choosing the most suitable guard rails that suit your needs.

GR 90

  • Light load for hand-pallet trucks

  • Concealed risen anchor fixings for maximum impact resistance 

  • Also available in grey option

  • Complete range of modular sizing- 500 mm to 4000 mm 

  • Fixing accessories included

GR 150

  • Robust compact guardrail system 

  • Designed for protecting infrastructure and staff from moving loads

  • Concealed resin anchor fixings for maximum impact resistance 

  • Complete range of modular sizing- 500mm to 4000mm 

  • Ideal for handling areas with heavy traffic

  • Available in yellow and grey colours

  • Fixing accessories are included


  • Light load for hand-pallet trucks

  • Compact and easy to install

  • Fitted by galvanised steel M12

  • Available in yellow colour only

  • Standard lengths 1500mm fixed with 140mm steel bracket

  • Possibility to adapt length based on customer requirements

  • Ideal for light traffic

  • Fixing accessories included