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Our flexible access Barriers | Egress Protection System has been designed to prevent forklifts collisions with overhead infrastructure and gates and doors jambs. it is created to keep the passage of forklifts that exceed height limits under control by attracting the attention of drivers and inviting them to more careful guidance.


This safety system is ideal to protect gates, loading docks or overhead assets and it is available in different length to suit your needs. REFLEX material is smooth, anti-scratch surface and easy to clean. Our flexible Access | Egress protection system consist of Industrial Door Protection and Warning Bars.

We provide two systems to protect staff, properties, and vehicles at the access points, Industrial door protection and Warning bar protection. Our Industrial protection products are essential to protect frames and jambs of doors, loading doors, entrances and other structures against possible impacts from forklifts, machinery and vehicles.

Being multi-functional structures, they help manage vehicle access and orientation, defining traffic routes, facilitating the movement of drivers and promoting safer environment. They offer maximum durability and high visibility in any workplace, especially in production and logistics areas. Each kit includes fixing accessories.


  • Impact resistant profile 

  • Freestanding frame without the need to be mounted to door's sides

  • Can also be used as a height limiter for vehicles

  • Provided with reinforced base plates

  • Arched shape with no edges or protrusions

  • Heavy load on forklifts

  • Different sizes on request

  • Fast and easy to install

  • Fitted by Galvanised steel M16

  • New bigger base plates

  • Available in yellow colour only

  • Fixing accessories included

  • Full frame mounted-to-door option also available with its base plates and included galvanised steel M12 fixings. 


  • Heavy load on forklifts

  • Protection barrier installed on the ceiling to provide awareness  

  • Provide safety for doors, loading bays, walkways, structures or overhead systems

  • Available in different lengths

  • Available in yellow colour only