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Importance of FPS Pedestrian Safety Gates

Updated: Apr 9

Gates are of vital importance to Kite’s Flexible Protection range. Designating crossing points for pedestrians, providing safe entry/exit points and highlighting the crossover of pedestrian and vehicular traffic are just some of the functions that good gates should provide. Read on to discover how Kite’s FPS Pedestrian Safety Gates can help your business.

Kite’s state-of-the-art REFLEX range uses a techno-polymer to absorb the shock of impact, thereby protecting personnel from hazards on the workplace floor. The material attends to safety in every regard; from its bright, highly visible colour to its acid-resistant, mould-resistant, scratch-proof and easy-to-clean surface. Kite supply many products in the FPS range, including guardrails, bollards, racking protection, traffic barriers and cold line protection. To read more about the REFLEX techno-polymer they are composed of, click here.

Kite’s FPS Pedestrian Gates come in a variety of styles to suit different applications. The DP Swing Safety Gates are available in both one-way or swing styles. This allows the employer to control the direction of passage for pedestrians. The customer can also choose between the 90 or 150 models depending on height needed. These products align with the Pedestrian Barrier HR/PED90 and 150 respectively.

These swing gates come available in highly visible yellow or orange colour and are provided with an anti-noise gasket to cushion the closure. These gates are best used where access is needed quickly and securely, with ample space on at least one side of the Pedestrian Barrier for the gate to swing open to.

The FPS Lift Gates are the other main style of gate. Equipped with an ergonomic handle and safety lock, this gate can be raised to allow the passage of personnel through the FPS Pedestrian Barrier. These gates provide a secure option to segregate pedestrian walking areas from vehicle traffic. The lift gates are available in two height options as well as offering a choice between a single or double gate. The double gate allows for wider traffic to pass through and is therefore more suitable for the passage of forklifts, trucks or other light vehicles. Like the Swing Gates, these products align with the Pedestrian Barrier HR/PED90 and 150. The lift mechanism is useful for situations where saving space is imperative.

Overall the importance of Kite’s FPS Pedestrian Gates cannot be overstated. Talk to one of our Sales Team today to find out how these safety measures can improve pedestrian safety in your business.

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