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11 Industries That Benefit From Flexible Protection Systems

Updated: Jun 12

There are numerous benefits to the installation of Flexible Protection Systems in your workplace. However, Kite’s Flexible Protection systems carry a range of highly specific features that suit eleven key industries perfectly. Read on to discover how FPS can improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of your business.


Large quantities of goods, workers on the move and busy vehicles are all key parts of an industrial production operation. They are also the factors that create a high risk of collision, risking damage to people, products and the workplace itself. No matter the nature of production, our Flexible Protection Systems cater to specific industries through its resistance to impacts, fuel, oils, alcohol and acids. Additionally, our FPS can adapt to different kinds of machinery and conveyors through its range of available dimensions.

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Chemical plants uniquely benefit from protection systems due to the delicacy of their mechanical components. Batches must be treated carefully to avoid potentially catastrophic wastage, while the threat posed by a disruption in continuous operation could be fatal. FPS protects these production lines from impact collision, but also acts as a flame retardant, potentially reducing the outbreak of a fire through its self-extinguishing properties. FPS is also nontoxic and resistant to many kinds of reactive substances found in chemical plants.

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The strict hygiene requirements of the food industry demand rigorous standards, and FPS is no exception to this. The Polymer systems are water/moisture resistant and composed of a non-porous material, preventing the creation and spread of bacteria or mould. This helps to prevent the spread of dangerous contamination and ensure food is kept sanitary and fresh. The Cold Line protection system in particular is resistant down to temperatures of -30◦C – perfect for refrigerated and freezer storage facilities.

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In the freight transport and logistics industry, protection from heavy duty vehicles is essential. The risk of collisions between vehicles, vehicles and people, and vehicles and structures can be significantly reduced through use of FPS. The highly resistant bollards, traffic barriers and loading dock safety systems are suitable for heavy impact while remaining highly visible. This helps to ensure both the protection from, and prevention of, accidents in the transport industry.

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Retail distribution centres are often lively, bustling places with many workers on the go, and often with the help of forklifts. This presents a possible danger for both workers and drivers, as the HSE estimates 1,500 injuries are caused by forklifts and other industrial vehicles every year. One of the most acclaimed products at the 2022 SITL Exhibition was the Warning Bar Light & Sound, a dual function barrier that hangs from the ceiling, and provides both a protective barrier and a multisensory alarm that is activated on impact. This bar warns forklift drivers about incoming low ceilings or obstacles, thereby preventing damage to overhead systems and products carried by the trucks.

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An often-overlooked danger in airports is the movement of smaller vehicles and the risks they pose to structures and people. Opportunities for collision are rife in walkways, terminals and conveyor belt areas in particular. Some of the numerous benefits that FPS brings to airport settings is its self-extinguishing properties, non-conductive material and high resistance to impacts over time.

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Warehouses and storage facilities can be some of the most important workplaces to implement Flexible Protection Systems due to the danger incurred by collapsing pallet racks. Racking collapses can be exceptionally dangerous for workers as well as destructive to warehouse goods. The high resistance and durability of Kite’s FPS products can significantly reduce the risk of a racking collapse, as well as all the chaos that comes with it.

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Perhaps there is no greater risk of impact than in the manufacturing of motor vehicles. As one of the world’s largest industries, it is vital that safety and productivity are not compromised by insufficient protection from collisions. Some aspects of Kite’s FPS system are uniquely suited to the automotive and mechanical industries, such as its high visibility, resistance to impacts and imperviousness to fuel, oil and acids.

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There are many hazards associated with the rail industry, and so any action that can be taken to minimise risks is an asset to the business. The advantages of FPS that suit the rail industry in particular is its resistance to fuel and oil, its high visibility and its non-conductive material. In an industry with so many moving parts, the material of Kite’s FPS suits every area of the trade.

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Power generation – whether it be through renewable energy, nuclear fission or oil and gas – will benefit greatly from flexible protection. The non-conductive, non-porous material of FPS lends itself to the high-voltage industry where metal solutions fail. In an industry experiencing so much flux in recent times, any measures that can be taken to improve efficiency, productivity – and most of all, safety – should be prioritised.

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Centres of manufacture and innovation are a great candidate for FPS as protection of delicate goods and prototypes are a necessity. Investing in FPS can be one of the wisest long-term investments for a company as the material does not require replacement – maintaining elasticity for a long time. In addition to this, the recyclable material and compliance with RoHS standards mean the environmental impact of FPS is a positive one.

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Overall, the advantages of Flexible Protection are innovative and numerous. While Kite’s FPS system is uniquely suited to these applications, its broad range of benefits can apply to many other industries as well.

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