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These Plastic pedestrian safety gates are part of protecting pedestrian from surrounding risks of impact. They are reliable and easy to install due to their strong hinges that guarantee to provide flawless long-term use.

Designing these gates allowed creating different opening possibilities that define access and exit points in a company or public spaces. Manufacturing these pedestrian safety gates follows an innovative technical design that combine speed and simplicity. The material used in this developed design is perfectly smooth on surface and easy to clean.

All products can be complemented with accessories. If you require any assistance in which gates to suit your warehouse, company, traffic points or walkways, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

REFLEX is a techno-polymer made from a unique compound developed by a team of experts with 30 years of experience in the field of plastics. With its special molecular density, REFLEX absorbs impact energy throughout the entire product. When any moving vehicle hits the REFLEX barrier, the product distorts, absorbing the impact and then returns to its original shape. The durability of the REFLEX range, coupled with the ability to deflect and absorb impact without transferring damaging shocks to the floor substrate, are key to the huge cost saving benefits. By minimising costly vehicular damage, which in turn lead to downtime, repairs and injury, Kite FPS becomes invaluable!

Pedestriand Safety Gate in yellow and fitted in a workplace
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