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Kite are embarking on a journey to Carbon Neutral

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

As more and more governments around the world declare a state of climate emergency, it is clear that the time to take action against global warming is now. It has never been more imperative for businesses to assume responsibility for their carbon footprint and aim to mitigate their emissions. Kite Group have committed to sustainability in the following ways.

ISO 14001

Recently, Kite posted a blog about its ISO certifications – but the one most relevant to sustainability is 14001:2015.

ISO logo in 14001:2015 in white background

This standard asserts the quality of a company’s Environmental Management System (EMS). It also helps to guide businesses in how to reduce their consumption and wastage, allowing for recycling processes to be implemented effectively. As well as this, the ISO 14001 helps Kite contribute to the wider green strategies from business, supply chains and the industry at large to protect the planet.

Kite provided documentation for Constructionline to carry out an independent assessment of their Health and Safety standards.

Kite’s Health and Safety Management system was judged by a team of experts to be suitable for all Constructionline buyers. Through a rigorous evaluation process, Kite were able to supply evidence of the quality systems in pace to safeguard customers and suppliers.

Green Products

Kite have also been adding several products to their repertoire that have a lower negative environmental impact. Developed last year, the ModiFix system eliminates the need for welding and uses 20% less steel in its installation, dramatically reducing both harmful fumes and production energy.

GRP platform with yellow handrail and green flooring fitted in water station

This endeavour is also supported by their range of GRP products: replacing steel production (which is the most energy-consuming industrial activity in the world), Glass Reinforced Plastic requires up to 75% less energy to produce. Due to its lightweight and durable nature, GRP makes savings in the areas of transport pollution and energy-consuming upkeep.

Constructionline Gold
Construction online logo in gold colour and white background

Just as ISO 14001 helps to guide Environmental Management Systems, Constructionline’s Social Value accreditation helped Kite go one step further in their sustainability journey.

Constructionline Gold requires its members to enact a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, which Kite rose to the task of. With a strong environmental focus in mind, Kite set out their aims of becoming a Carbon Neutral Company. Kite committed to achieve this through reduction of waste, reduction of energy consumption, reduction of harmful emissions, engaging with environmental-minded suppliers and investing in products and technology that conform to our high standards for positive environmental impact.

Planet Mark

Finally, to help Kite along the journey to Carbon Neutral they have partnered with Planet Mark, a company that helps businesses in different sectors with their sustainability efforts and achievements. The target of net zero emission is ambitious, yet realistic – exactly the kind of action needed to combat the climate crisis and forge a sustainable future. Kite have completed recording their Scope 3 emissions in order to get a picture of their carbon footprint, providing a starting point to reduce or offset this impact.

Planet Mark logo in white background

The Planet Mark certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds a community of like-minded companies that can make a world of difference. Kite were pleased to achieve this certification on the 21st February 2023 and look forward to reducing their carbon footprint even further in the coming years.

Overall, 2023 marks another pivotal year for the human struggle against climate change. Any action that can be taken to reduce the environmental stress on the planet can directly save lives through the avoidance of climate-induced natural disasters, such as wildfires, floods, droughts and heatwaves. Reducing the rate of warming can also save many wildlife species by preventing further coral bleaching, glacier melting and other habitat destruction. Fortunately, through their partnership with Planet Mark, Kite have protected an acre of rain-forest in Central Peru, directly supporting the native Asháninka community and surrounding endangered wildlife.

Kite’s goal to reach Carbon Neutral is a challenging one, yet completely necessary for the future of the planet.

Follow Kite Group on LinkedIn to read in the next few weeks about Kite’s commitments through Planet Mark.


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