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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Just like metal gratings, GRP gratings can be used in a large range of settings. However, dissimilar to steel gratings, GRP gratings are light-weight, strong and more efficient throughout all systems of measurement. They can also be cut to fit a broader range of requirements. They can, in addition, be supplied coloured to suit with particular designs. The following are the most common uses for GRP gratings:

Moulded GRP grating panels yellow grey and green

Industrial Flooring

Flooring is one of the most popular uses for GRP gratings. GRP is perfect for industrial walkways and flooring, due to its excellent chemical and heat resistances. GRP grating is easy to mount in brand new settings or just by swapping previous flooring because of its quick to fit and light weight properties.

GRP grating is also known for it being stronger than steel, which makes it a great substance for placing heavy plant machinery. Its anti-slip properties additionally make it much safer than steel grating.

Service Risers

In this facility, GRP gratings create outstanding service risers, riser voids and riser shafts. They can be cut and fitted to meet any requirement. Kite's expert team will design, manufacture and install a customised system for any riser flooring situation needed.

Did you know that GRP grating can be up to 80% lighter than steel? This means that it provides easier and quicker transportation around site without needing heavy lifting gears. Installation is also considerably faster.

service risers yellow GRP

Roof Walkways

Since GRP gratings are easy to install and highly resistant to the heat and chemicals, they are generally found on buildings’ roofs. GRP walkways allow access to roof parts that need regular maintenance. Because GRP gratings can be cut to specific shapes, roofs with architectural embellishments or different heights can still benefit from the safe access walkways.

Access Flooring & Platforms

Other great uses of GRP Grating would be in access platforms, walkways, step over platforms, slopes and access stair grating. Originally, steel grating is not as expensive as GRP, nevertheless in regards of lifecycle cost GRP grating wins.

GRP Grating offers great properties replacement to conventional galvanised steel for walkways and platforms. Specific applications are non-appropriate for steel gratings because they rust as a result of corrosion. GRP is non-corrosive requiring little or no maintenance while offering the lowest life-cycle cost.

yellow and grey step over access platform

Drain Gullies and Gutters

When you are doing work on sites like breweries, marinas or fisheries, where fluids and liquids are generally splattered all over, GRP gratings over drain gullies and gutters are found to be the best option. This is because they allow fluids to drain away whilst offering a walking surface. Even when wet, GRP gratings offer superb control grip since they have anti-slip properties in order for workers to continue to work in a safe environment.

Other Uses

Other uses GRP gratings would be in decking areas, engineering environments, structural components, wash bays for excavators, chemical environments, construction, rail and offshore industries.

yellow GRP panels for excavator wash bay


Kite provides high quality GRP anti-slip safety gratings that offer excellent enhancements to under foot safety to the majority of public sectors and industries in general. The below images are GRP Panels we supplied to Forth Road Bridge in east central Scotland. We offer Free Bespoke Service, Technical Support and Same Day Dispatch! Get in Touch today!


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