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6 Ways KITE are Getting Greener

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

KITE are leading suppliers of safety systems and components, however our commitment to protection and well-being extends towards the environment as well.

Less Harmful Fumes

Many of KITE’s products are embracing an environmentally friendly approach to construction. Fumes that are released from welding include nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and ozone – all toxic emissions harmful to the environment. Through cutting-edge laser technology, KITE’s ModiFix railing system eliminates the need for welding and can be manufactured to required specifications.

ModiFix also uses 20% less steel, lowering both the production energy needed to make additional components. This innovative method drastically reduces the carbon footprint of every project it is used in. It also reduces the cost!

picture shows fumes emitted from the welding process

More recycling

Pollution is not just limited to fumes, however – most plastics are non-biodegradable and are harmful to whichever environment their waste ends up in. Luckily, recycled plastic reduces this impact by conserving the fossil fuel they are composed of, using them to fulfill another purpose over the course of its long life.

Recycling plastic also lessens the impact of new plastic production, which often emits air and water pollution into their nearby areas. This is why KITE uses recycled plastic in its Freestanding Roof Edge Protection System – their moulded weights are durable, reliable and every bit as safe as expensive new plastic

3d animation image demonstrating kite's freestanding roof edge protection system

Less Production Energy ...

Did you know that GRP requires up to 75% less energy to produce than steel? This is because our Glass Reinforced Plastic products, such as our GRP Gratings, GRP Access Ladder and GRP railing system are made by threading glass fibres into thermosetting resins. This process is made easier by the fact that GRP resin sets at normal room temperature and can be moulded into almost any shape.

Compare this to steel production, which requires mixing carbon and iron together at incredibly high temperatures – over 1500 degrees Celsius! This makes steel production the most energy-consuming (and CO₂ emitting) industrial activity in the world.

Combined with the fact that three quarters of the energy comes from burning coal, the environmental impact of steel production is huge. GRP is a far more favourable alternative when considering the planet.

GRP panels in yellow used as a flooring

... But More Green Energy

KITE are proud to work with projects that contribute to a greener future. One of these projects – providing handrails for the Dunalastair Dam – increases the safety of the regular maintenance inspectors.

This dam plays a key part in diverting water to the Tummel Bridge hydroelectric power station, which provides renewable energy to the central belt of Scotland. This clean and cost-effective source of energy is far more ecologically friendly than fossil fuels, and KITE are delighted to play our part in keeping vital maintenance workers for this site safe

handrail system by kite group ltd supplied in a project

Less Transport Pollution

In 2019, transport produced 27% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions – this means any measures that can be taken to cut down on transport are beneficial to the environment.

Another benefit of using GRP in your projects is that the substance is 80% lighter than steel, resulting in 50% less energy being used for transportation and assembly.

In terms of transport, this means you can cut your project’s carbon footprint in half from using GRP alone! Add this to the fact that GRP is non-corrosive and requires virtually no maintenance or replacement, and the environmental benefit of using Glass Reinforced Plastic soars.

picture shows many trucks in a long queue emitting fumes in the road

... And More Green Travel

Another venture of KITE in recent years has been the Edinburgh Tram project in conjunction with Edinburgh Trams Ltd. Trams offer an exceptionally green way to travel as they are powered by electricity, producing no pollution at point of use.

They are also energy efficient, as they can move more than double the number of people than buses in an hour while occupying 15% less space. KITE provided the project with handrail systems at several stops to assist both technicians and travellers get on and off the trams.

Edinburgh is famous for its hilly terrain, and so a key part of KITE’s involvement was catering to sloped as well as level floors to maintain safety. Luckily, creating bespoke safety services are one of KITE’s specialties!

Handrail and staircase systems next to tram stop supplied by kite group ltd

As we move towards a more sustainable future, it is important for everyone to play their part in creating greener ways to live. KITE’s speciality first and foremost is safety: this means long-term as well as short-term.

Through using GRP, Modifix and our Freestanding Roof Edge Protection System, we can improve the ecological benefit of your project as well as the direct safety of your workers – KITE has you covered.


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