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Kite Group Ltd - A Year in Review

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

2022 has been a strong year for Kite Group. From new products to industry innovations to carbon management, Kite have been at the forefront of developments in the safety industry. Read below to see just some of the highlights of the year for Kite Group and its employees.

January 2022

In January, Kite Group pioneered a new technology called ModiFix that is the first significant development to handrail safety in 90 years. Hailed as a “triple whammy of benefits for environment, costs and H&S”, ModiFix uses laser cutting technology to fix together handrails without the need for clamps or welding. The technology allows for computer-controlled metal cutting at scale, which allows tubing to pass through upright posts with ultimate precision.

The system can significantly reduce the amount of steel needed to finish a project, which in turn lowers costs by up to 20%. ModiFix also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of a project by eliminating the need for welding, which infamously releases gallons of noxious fumes into the atmosphere.

For a cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly project, ModiFix is the only option. The start of 2022 was launched for Kite Group with this innovation, and set the tone for a year of achievements in the company.

March 2022

As spring began to show its face in 2022, Kite geared up with another unique development – the Freestanding Roof Edge Protection System. This handrail structure is specifically designed for protecting personnel on flat roofs that are not suitable for drilling or welding. Designing out the need for welding has, much like ModiFix, many benefits for the environment.

The system provides safety through use of heavy, recycled plastic weights. The system can be sold as a kit or as separate individual parts to suit the specifications of any project. After rigorous testing, the Freestanding Roof Edge Protection System has been accredited for 3 metre span centres – meaning uprights must only be installed every 3 metres. This also significantly reduces cost on a project as well as steel usage.

With a strong focus on innovation, Kite continued to develop new products that bring a plethora of benefits to customers.

May-August 2022

In May, Kite Group began expanding into a further innovative safety field: Flexible Protection Systems. Comprised of a unique techno-polymer compound, Kite’s FPS products are designed to provide safety to workers, equipment, products and workplaces in a variety of sectors. By cushioning the kerbs, edges, bollards and rails of a building, the risk of collision and damage drops significantly.

Of particular interest to Kite is the material used in its FPS products. All parts of the system are highly visible, non-toxic, and self-extinguishing. They are also incredibly durable; an installation of FPS in your warehouse can last a lifetime and could save countless more.

In August, Kite supplied a comprehensive FPS system to Kite Packaging when they opened their new Coventry warehouse.

The new warehouse benefited from Bollards, Pedestrian Safety Barriers and Guard Rails, all designed to efficiently deflect and absorb the force of impact. The fast-paced nature and high product output of Kite Packaging is successful for business, but also comes with associated safety risks. By managing these risks proactively, the company ensured worker safety, and subsequently the company’s efficiency, was its top priority.

November 2022

As the year drew to a close and the weather grew colder, Kite Group turned its concerns to the environment. While developing and promoting ‘green’ products have always been a consideration of Kite, the company went one step further to ensure sustainability in its future. Partnering with Planet Mark, Kite Group have begun the journey to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions.

Beginning with an extensive measurement period, Kite have begun recording data in order to measure their environmental impact. After this data is analysed and evaluated, Kite Group will create an action plan to reach carbon neutrality.

In an industry as traditional as safety and construction, the barriers to achieving Net Zero may seem daunting. However, Kite have committed to taking the necessary steps to positively transform the company, the economy, and the environment.

As the year draws to a close, it is tempting to rest on the laurels of the year’s achievements. 2022 has been a transformative year for Kite, however there is more to come in 2023. From our journey to carbon neutrality to the innovations of tomorrow, there is no doubt another prosperous year ahead.

From everyone here at Kite we wish the best for the holidays and a Happy New Year.


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