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5 Applications of Cold Line Protection that May Surprise You

Developed from a unique polymer that is temperature resistance, Kite’s FPS Cold Line is designed to protect pedestrians, products, equipment and the cold store against any potential damage. The cutting-edge technology used in the development of Frostex means that the material is resistant to freezing temperatures down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. This system is suited to storing frozen goods. Read on to discover 5 industries that can benefit from using Frostex Cold Line Protection.

Food & Beverage industry

The Food and Beverage industry is perhaps the most obvious candidate for Cold Line Protection. Many kinds of food must be kept frozen to prevent bacteria or mould contamination, which can be fatal when ingested. Kite’s Cold Line flexible protection is perfectly suited to this environment and the products are smooth, easy to clean, moisture resistant and non-porous which prevents the growth of any undesirable micro-organisms. Kite’s FPS Cold Line protects frozen goods from damage by highlighting cold room walls, corners, doorways and other potential hazards. This is done by regulating vehicular movement and speed in storage facilities and providing high performance impact resistant protection to critical infrastructure. Cold Line flexible protection is therefore perfectly suited to the food and drink industry.

Hospitals & Clinics

Another area that lends itself to Cold Line Protection is the Healthcare industry, particularly hospitals and clinics. Many medications require chilled storage to maintain maximum efficacy, such as insulins, some vaccines, antibiotic liquids, eye drops and some creams. The non-toxic, non-porous and easy to clean surfaces of Frostex FPS lends itself to the necessarily cold and sterile environment of medicinal storage. Fragile, high-value medicinal stock combined with their delicate containers – whether they be in vials, syringes, bottles or ampoules – Kite’s flexible protection helps to safeguard the goods from potential spillage and wastage. Kite FPS can also be used in mortuaries and pathology laboratories.

Chemical and Processing Industries

Some trades that might be overlooked when considering cold storage use are the chemical and processing industries. Extreme temperature is often used in chemical processes for the separation and condensation of gases, solvent recovery and dehumidification, among other uses. The variety of temperature needs often differ from process to process, product to product, which makes for highly specified storage solutions. For this reason, the adaptability of Kite FPS is a major benefit to such industries as they can cater to all environments. Cold Line Protection is also non-corrosive, resistant to fuels, oils and acids – all of which may present a hazard in the chemical and processing industries.

Science Labs

Scientific laboratories and other similar facilities can also benefit from Cold Line protection. Chemicals and other specialist substances can become unstable if not maintained at precise temperatures. Therefore, it is essential for samples to be treated with the utmost care and precision making the protection offered by FPS Cold Line an essential part of a laboratory setup. With its resistance to chemicals, easy to clean and nontoxic surface, Cold Line Protection is a huge benefit to the science lab industry.

Floral industry

While food preservation may seem like an obvious use of cold storage, few consider that the same levels of preservation must apply to flowers and the floristry industry. Highly perishable cut flowers must be kept cool from the moment they are harvested up until they are in our homes. If they are not refrigerated properly, they may wilt, discolour, or even die entirely, resulting in potentially catastrophic losses and downtime for a florist. The delicate blooms also require maximum protection from any collisions or damage, therefore KITE’s help in protecting from glancing impact against walls, corners and other hazards is vital. For this reason, the Cold Line flexible protection is a must for the floral industry.

Overall, there are many industries that can benefit from Kite FPS Cold Line Protection. Specifically designed to withstand extreme cold temperatures, along with a huge range of substances, Frostex nevertheless maintains its impact-absorbing characteristics. The hi-visibility Kite FPS range is a great all-rounder; for further details please contact our Sales Team on 0131 333 4413 to find out how your business can be improved by using Frostex Cold Line Protection.


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