KITE Galvanised mild steel Handrail Tube is available in specific lengths or cut to size to suit your requirements.  It is fully compatible with the KITE Clamp range, KITE Modular Handrail System and KITE Roof Edge Protection System. These one come in 6.4m/6m. For the 3.2m, click here to buy!


Mild steel is one of the most commonly accessible and used forms of steel, known for its high strength and exceptional developing properties given by its reduced carbon substance. This decreased carbon substance means that mild steel is additionally bendable and therefore is further adaptable for a broader range of applications. It is usually used in the construction industry to manufacture dependable structures; it is likewise an incredibly ‘green’ material as it is widely recycled.


Though it presents numerous brilliant attributes, mild steel is sensitive to corrosion but this galvanised mild steel tube has been particularly treated to avoid oxidisation and is a superb selection of steel tube for outdoor use. The process of 'hot dip galvanising' steel increases its resistance to corrosion. This unique surface finish is desirable to look at and involves no maintenance. It can be applied in a huge number of structural applications.


  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Widely recycled
  • Extraordinarily strong
  • Bendable and easily formed


If you are looking to generate some form of structure or railing with your steel tube, browse our range of galvanised tube clamps for the correct fixings and fittings.


Our range of galvanised steel tube and pipe is perfect for external, industrial, and commercial applications. Our collection is available in the following sizes:


25nb (33.7od) GALVANISED TUBE - 6.4m/6m (91 per bundle)


32nb (42.4od) GALVANISED TUBE - 6.4m/6m (61 per bundle)


40nb (48.3od) GALVANISED TUBE - 6.4m/6m (61 per bundle)



Kite offers a full tube cutting and preparation service


Contact us if you want to enquire about A size or/and E size on 0131 333 4413

A Size - 6.4m/6m - 26.9mm od (20nb) - 10.5 KG

E Size - 6.4m/6m - 60.3mm od (50nb) - 33.6 KG

6m Galvanised Handrail Tube

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If you are unsure about a certain specification or would like to enquire further please contact us on the below:

T: 0131 333 4413