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Updated: Mar 9, 2023

We’ are not against steel…! 

In fabrication every material has its place.

The fact is that for safe, robust and cost effective handrails, walkways and pedestrian access, GRP composite products outperform steel and other traditional products hands down.



The Cost of Corrosion to UK Businesses currently stands at a staggering £46 billion per annum this includes downtime, maintenance and replacement of material


Our advanced composite structural products are changing how specifiers think about building design, our products and ideas are nurturing a radically new approach to pedestrian access


GRP stands for 'Glass fibre Reinforced Plastics', also referred to as 'Fibreglass‘ Composite Plastics.  It is an amazingly versatile material, and one that is now being recognised in the industry, and has truly immense potential across a wide spectrum of applications

Basically, GRP consists of thermosetting resins and glass fibre.

All our GRP products regarding the composing of these ingredients and choosing the right resins best winding techniques and glass fibre components, guarantee the quality and the benefits of the materials which in combination result in a very strong and rigid material.

It is very strong –yet very lightweight with the tremendous energy absorption properties


“A corrosion resistant, high-strength, light-weight, anti-slip alternative to conventional Galvanised and Stainless Steel grating”

- Light Weight

- Easy Transportation

- Fast Installation

- Easily fabricated on site

- Compared to traditional material – Steel

- Fire Resistant – Non Sparking to high and regular temperature exposure

- Low Thermal Conductivity

- BS EN 9239-1  ASM E84 Class 1

- High Strength

- BS 4592-4 Compliant

- Self Colour no need for powder coating or Painting

- UV Stable - Thermally stable


Long Service Life – 25 YEAR -   Raw Material Design Life

Kite supply GRP GratingNon Slip Flooring, Handrail Systems and handrail components constructed from fibreglass, as an ideal and cost effective alternative to traditional materials like wood, mild steel and stainless steel. Our Fibreglass Grating is exceptionally slip resistant and the gritted and concave anti slip grating offers excellent traction in wet and icy conditions.


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