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The difference between TopFix & Freestanding Roof Edge System

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Does your roof site have any exposed edges? According to BS EN 13374, personnel working on roofs must be safeguarded by appropriate roof edge protection. But what kind?

Kite Group offer both TopFix and Freestanding Roof Edge Protection systems to suit your needs. This table highlights the unique advantages of each system to help you decide:

Comparison table for Topfix and freestanding roof edge protection systems

Both TopFix and Freestanding Roof Edge Protection Systems are modular and sold as kits, with no need for costly site visits to install. By eliminating the need for welding in both systems, the environmental impact of installation is dramatically reduced.

The ultimate choice between TopFix and Freestanding comes to the impact on the roof membrane itself; whether drilling into the roof to install the handrail is an option or not.

Kite Group’s TopFix and Freestanding Roof Edge Systems are suitable for:

· Rooftop maintenance

· Rooftop inspection

· Plant access

· Work at height

· Construction industry

or any building in which access to the roof is needed on a regular basis. For example, the increasing installation of solar panels on new buildings require frequent cleaning and maintenance to maximise their potential. By installing Kite’s roof edge protection systems, architects can be assured any work on rooftops is complying to the 2005 Work at Height Regulations. Speak to our Sales Team today to discuss which option is better suited to your project.

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