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TopFix Roof Edge Protection System

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Safety doesn't happen by accident, it has to be prepared!

Roof protection became an urged necessity on sites that engage working at heights. No matter what the type of the site is, whether it was commercial, public or industrial such as shopping malls, residential buildings or factories, the safety of contractors or rooftop visitors is a must with no compromised solutions.

The nature of the building will represent a weighed factor to determine the criteria of the protection system that should be implemented on the rooftop. As an example, with buildings that have aesthetic standards, the roof edge protection system needs to reflect these standards and preserve safety on the highest levels.

high roof with rood edge protection system

A great solution for working at height

With a keen eye to offer the right solution, Kite presents TOPFIX roof edge protection system. The system can be applied on top of copings or a parapet walls, it is permanent and perfect for rooftops where the wall is not high enough to protect from falls or slips. Kite's Top Fix System can be fitted on flat or sloped roofs, and it can be implemented even when rooftops are corrugated.

galvanised TopFix roof edge protection system fitted

Benefits of TopFix Roof Edge Protection system

TOPFIX roof-edge protection system has many other benefits to be considered one of the best solutions for rooftop safety:

The components are to suit 48.3 mm outside diameter tube size. This feature will help us guarantee the quick supply for any part of the system during the year.

It suits the metal profile and standing seam roofs up to 45 degrees.

The whole system will be supplied galvanised to gain durability from weather factors, minimise the impact of any damage caused by corrosion, and preserve the integrated aesthetics of the building.

It is quick and simple to install with no requirement for on-site welding or bending.

It has no training involved, requires less maintenance, and meets the demand of any separate component with no considerable lead-time.

The fixed roof guardrails system consists of a fortified base plate that has several fixing centres which allows the system to be fitted on a broad range of rooftops.

Waterproofed fixings that include rivets and sealing strips are used to fix the system to profile roofs, guaranteeing minimal penetration.

TopFix fitted on a roof and a wall.

Components of TopFix Roof Edge Protection system

TOPFIX collective roof guardrail system consists of modular components that all come galvanised. These components include:

With the above components, the system will be a great model of guard-rail protection and will be ready to be installed with maximal cost efficiency including maintenance through years to go. All components can be sold separately with Kite's same day dispatch service during the year.

Safety Accreditation

Complying with the British standards of safety, TopFix will be a great solution to fit the work at height requirements and keep the roof well-protected. The system complies with the requirements and test methods for fixed edge protection system:

BS 8180-2011

BS EN 13374:2004

BS 4592-0:2006+A1:2012

BS EN ISO 14122-3:2001+A1:2010

UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Work at Height (Amendment) Regulations 2007

Also complies to:

Wind Loadings to BS 6399: Part 2:1995

Performs in excess of the HSE Specialist Inspector Report No.15 & HSG33 Health and Safety in Roof Work


Gaining the peace of mind that TopFix is an easy to install and permanent solution for your site, your roof access will be safe for any visitor with minimal points mentioned in its risk assessment logbook.



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