GRP Grating Service Risers, also called Riser Flooring System or Riser Voids, is a full flooring solution for simple installation. It offers a contemporary, high-level choice to old-style galvanised steel and ply board service riser duct flooring. All contractors are aware that riser voids can be a main health and safety issue on any construction site, therefore Kite supplies GRP service risers to cover those open shafts and gaping holes. This would ensure that the construction site is completely safe. Our GRP riser flooring is the perfect solution for these voids and is usually specified to offer a safer working environment. It is anti-slip and can be installed following form work removal as the risers form part of the general floor plate. It can also be used in a variety of other applications as well.


GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) is a completely protective product that out-performs former systems, such as steel grating temporary plyboard covers, which can be violated. Our GRP riser system poses a first-class safety solution for your riser requirements, whether it is residential, commercial, a new build or refurbishment.


The employ of Fibreglass Grating, fibre reinforced, removes maintenance expenses as painting is not needed. GRP Grating materials weigh about one fourth of steel grating. Therefore, two men can effortlessly carry and fit the panels. Besides being cost-effective, easily cut, light-weighted and other benefits that GRP material brings in, it provides exceptional mechanical strength and endless corrosion resistance as well as additional panel support.


The mesh size (12mm) of the service riser floor grating ensures that a traditional ply covering is not required. Service penetrations can be cut into the riser grating in the permanent location.


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Installation options are as the following:

  • Riser's perimeter supports exploiting the GRP angle
  • Riser's cross members exploiting the GRP I beam
  • Effortlessly moulded into concrete slab


Kite's Riser Flooring is a complete flooring solution for easy installation within electrical and mechanical riser voids, providing a high tech alternative to traditional galvanised steel service risers.


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GRP Floor Risers


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