Grating fasteners, also called flooring clips, provide corrosion protection.


All our grating fasteners are Geomet 321 coated, hot dip galvanised equivalent, guaranteeing 720 hours salt spray resistance before the appearance of red dust!


All the Grating fastener discs come in 50 pieces/box.

Shot fired threaded stud come in 100 pieces/box.


You can access the datasheet from the right corner under Brochure.


The cartridge tool comes with a high impact carry case and cleaning accessories.


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Scottish Water Grating Fasteners / Flooring Clips

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Perforated metal planks are produced in the following production stages:

• After it has been inspected on arrival, the material delivered in coils is fed to the production line.

• The required surface profiles are punched with modern presses and stamps and the planks are cut to length.

• A CNC-controlled roll former rolls the punched planks to the characteristic C-profile having the desired height and width.

• Any cutouts required are produced according to the customer’s
specification and are generally lined with an edging to the height of the perforated metal plank.

• Other surface treatments, such as powder coating, can also be provided.

• Perforated metal planks can be supplied in steel, stainless steel and