Perforated steel flooring, also called perforated metal planks, are the ideal supplement to the Kite range of the well known walkable metal floor coverings, forge welded and pressure locked gratings.

Perforated metal planks are C-profiled, edged structural elements and are produced on CNC-controlled punching machines and roll formers.


Perforated metal planks are characterised in particular by their high slip resistance (example: perforated metal plank type BZ 50/2, surface pre-galvanised = assessment group R13) and stable, safe treads and standing surfaces, and therefore increase safety in the workplace.

They are also ideal for use where large supporting widths have to be bridged or high loads are specified. This eliminates the need for expensive substructures, resulting in considerable cost savings. Other impressive features are the rapid availability and ease of assembly of the perforated metal planks.


There is a wide range of possible applications of perforated metal planks. They can be used as working platforms, ramps, facades, stands and much more.


They may also be used as walkways and supply paths, as well as large area protective mats for working areas below conveyor systems.


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Perforated Steel Flooring

Perforated metal planks are produced in the following production stages:

• After it has been inspected on arrival, the material delivered in coils is fed to the production line.

• The required surface profiles are punched with modern presses and stamps and the planks are cut to length.

• A CNC-controlled roll former rolls the punched planks to the characteristic C-profile having the desired height and width.

• Any cutouts required are produced according to the customer’s
specification and are generally lined with an edging to the height of the perforated metal plank.

• Other surface treatments, such as powder coating, can also be provided.

• Perforated metal planks can be supplied in steel, stainless steel and