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Amazon Promotion Terms and conditions

Amazon Promotion for 2023

In appreciation of our valued online customers, we'd like to extend our gratitude by offering complimentary Amazon gift cards to those who make purchases from our online store. This special promotion will run from October 16, 2023, until December 20, 2023.

This campaign has been initiated to express our gratitude to customers who regularly shop with us and to encourage new customers to explore our products and experience our exceptional customer service.

Our dedicated marketing budget will be entirely devoted to our customers, with no expenses going towards agencies or administrative costs. We hope that both our loyal and new customers who meet the promotion criteria will enjoy using their gift cards as soon as they receive them.


To qualify for this rewarding offer, you must place an online order starting from October 16, 2023, that meets the following criteria:


  • If your order totals between £500 and £1,500 (excluding VAT), you will receive a £20 Amazon gift card.

  • If your order totals between £1,500 and £3,000 (excluding VAT), you will receive a £75 Amazon gift card.

  • If your order totals over £3,000 (excluding VAT), you will receive a £180 Amazon gift card.

Please note the following terms and conditions:


  • This offer is exclusively valid for sales conducted within the United Kingdom.

  • This offer is exclusively valid for sales generated through our online channel (our website's online shop) and does not apply to any other sales channels.

  • The offer period is from October 16, 2023, to December 20, 2023. We will provide customers with advance notice on our website one week before the offer ends.

  • Customers who wish to receive the offer must consent to the use of their names, full names, and email addresses for verification purposes if necessary.

  • Eligible customers will receive their Amazon gift cards approximately 10 working days after receiving their orders. Kite will send an email notification to customers upon dispatch.

  • The gift card will be sent to the address provided by the customer. Kite will not be responsible for refunding or reissuing a gift card if the customer changes their address afterward or provides incorrect information.

All order values mentioned in the offer exclude VAT. For example, a customer who places an order totalling £450 excluding VAT will not be eligible for the £20 gift card.

Customers may make multiple purchases during the offer period. If the same customer places multiple orders that meet the offer criteria, they will be eligible to receive more than one gift card.

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