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Safety at Height – Speak to Kite

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Despite major developments in Health and Safety legislation over the years, working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries in occupational health. “Work at height” is defined by work in any place where a person can fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. Luckily, Kite Group supply numerous products designed to protect any personnel that may be at height – from construction sites to cliff edges.

Read on to get a sense of the safety options Kite offer.


Kite’s most popular product, handrail systems are essential to safety at height as they provide a strong, physical barrier to hold on to.

Kite supply all components of a modular handrail system, from galvanised or self-colour tube to key clamps to return bends. The two-ball system incorporates a bottom rail that offers extra security, but Kite also supply made-to-order mesh infill panels that suit applications for garden fencing, agriculture, security cages, machinery protection and more.

Handrail uprights or stanchions come both ex-stock and bespoke to your needs. To find out how Kite can supply your safety system, get in touch with the sales team here.

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One of the more obvious products suited to working at height are Kite’s Access Ladders kits. Available in either galvanised steel or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), all Access products are compliant to BS 4211.

Kite’s Access ladders and ladder kits are are suitable for breaching distances between 2 and 6 metres. The Standard Ladder Modular System is suitable for most industries including:

· Airports

· Petrochemical Plants

· Manhole Access

· Sewage Works

· Oil Rigs

· Ships / Harbour Walls

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Have you ever needed to conduct work on a roof that doesn’t have any safety measures installed? Have you ever needed a handrail fitted on to a roof that can’t be welded or altered in any way?

Kite’s Freestanding Roof Edge Protection provides an innovative solution to these problems by protecting personnel that work on roof areas. The unique counterweight design eliminates the need for welding and can be installing quickly and easily.

The system has also been praised for its environmental features as the whole installation does not require any welding on site. The counterweights provided are made of recycled plastic, which in turn reduces pollution and the overall carbon footprint of a project.

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An overlooked area of workplace safety is the underfoot surface that workers use. Kite’s wide range of quality, anti-slip surfaces contribute to the prevention of accidents at height.

Kite sell cut and banded Open Mesh Flooring that can be made-to-order for specific projects. With drawings provided by the customer, Kite can supply either Galvanised or Self Colour Flooring Panels to suit any installation.

Additionally, Kite can supply Grating Panels in moulded GRP in a range of colours, sizes and thickness to suit various applications. The panels are an excellent alternative to stainless steel as the GRP offers superior corrosive resistance and are far more lightweight, cutting costs in the transport, installation and upkeep of a project.

The anti-slip properties of the Quartz Grit surface is especially resistant to wet, oily or icy conditions – ideal for outdoor applications. To prevent slips and falls at height, Kite’s Walkway products are the preferred choice.

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From stock to bespoke products, Kite can provide safety solutions for any project involving work at height. Speak to the Sales team at or 0131 333 4413 to see how Kite can cater to your site. For safety at height, speak to Kite.


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