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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

What Is Galvanisation?

Galvanization is the procedure of preventing rust and wearing down through using a shielding zinc layer to the iron or steel.

Steel can rust due to environmental conditions over time without protection. A top method for protecting steel against erosion is through hot-dip galvanisation

Where Can You Find Galvanised Steel?

You can find galvanized steel all around, in huge range of industries such as road, water and waste, rail, agriculture, energy plants, oil and gas and sports and leisure. It can be an essential element in bridges, buildings, gates, facades, signal gantries and balconies. Galvanising should be used wherever there might be a risk for steel erosion.

Installed galvanised goods can also be removed, re-galvanised and re-applied. They are also effortlessly recycled in the steel production procedure.

Galvanised tube and clamp fittings next to shore-side to access sandy beach


Cost Effective

Galvanising is lower in first expense than other generally specified steel protective coating. Hot dip galvanising is almost always more cost effective in the long term as well since it lasts lengthier and requires less maintenance.

Long life

Galvanised coatings on typical structural members’ life expectancy remains much more than 50 years in most countryside environments and 25 years plus in brutal city and seaside exposure.


Galvanising is a relatively simple and well controlled procedure. The coating applied is coherent, obvious and easily specified. Hot dip galvanising is defined by a single British Standard – EN ISO 1461.

Toughest coating

A galvanised coating has scratch endurance up to ten times better than organic paint coatings. Galvanised steel has exceptional resistance to mechanical damage through handling, storing, transporting and assembling

Comprehensive protection

Zinc coating from hot dip galvanising method is easy and free from faults such as instability, dust & dross additions, black spots, pimples oxidation strains, bulky white sediments etc. and hence offers a full protection of the steel underneath

Simplicity of examination

Galvanised coverings are evaluated easily by eye, and straightforward non-damaging depth assessment techniques can be applied.

Quicker formation period

No time is lost on-site in exterior preparation, painting and review. When the setting up of a galvanised structure is full, it is instantly ready for usage. A complete protective coating can be applied in minutes; The galvanising method is not reliant on weather conditions.

galvansied tube on top of each other

At Kite, we supply a wide range of metals for a variety of applications. Our stock includes stainless steel or galvanised steel.

Our steel is available in a wide range of shapes including tubes, sheets and plates. We can cut tubes to your exact requirements.


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