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This system is manufactured using REFLEX material and reinforced with our LINK technique, utilizing a single horizontal rail that passes through the barrier. The use of REFLEX material provides high visibility in the workplace, maximum resistance to various types of impacts, durability, and ease of cleaning. Additionally, the implementation of the LINK technique allows our traffic safety barriers to be adjustable in height after installation.

The LINK 150/1 is the world's first barrier with a lower rail height that can be adjusted on-site, taking into consideration the most critical areas to be protected and the types of trucks and forklifts used by the end user. Thanks to its robust external connection systems, the barrier is easy to assemble, and the post provides enhanced support for the entire structure.


  • Ideal for areas with heavy traffic

  • Heavy load for forklifts

  • Strong vertical posts without any holes providing higher resistance

  • Adjustable height of the horizontal rails by the user after installation

  • 2000mm standard length with the ability to extend through fixings

  • Flexible protective barrier with corner solution

  • Available in yellow and grey colours

  • Different sizes on request

  • Fitted by galvanised steel M12

  • Fixing accessories included

LINK 120/1

  • Innovative protective pedestrian barrier designed for medium-heavy load handling areas.

  • Incorporates LINK technology, allowing adjustable height of crossbars for optimal protection in critical areas and customization according to cart types used.

  • Structure can be easily adjusted on-site to accommodate specific requirements.

  • The Link 120/1 version features a single adjustable crossbar as the lower stringer, supplemented by two fixed crossbars.

  • Consists of 2000-mm modules, providing a modular and flexible system.

  • Provides enhanced safety and protection for pedestrians in high-traffic areas with medium-heavy load handling activities.