Galvanised roof edge protection system is a galvanised and highly versatile roof edge system for protecting personnel. It incorporates many unique features, including aesthetic design for architectural applications, highly durable molded rubber weights with long life span.

Our system is a permanent, modular, self supporting guardrail system that is placed on the flat roof surface now comprising of moulded rubber weights.

Our system is entirely freestanding so there is no need for drilling or penetration of the roof covering. The system is supplied in a kit form ready to build and the modular components are quick and easy to link together.

If you require help installing, contact Kite for details of an approved installer in your area.

Our unique freestanding roof guardrails provide a safe environment for personnel who are working on flat roof areas, maintaining equipment such as air conditioning units, water tanks and aerials etc. The system will also take very little time and is easy to install and maintain. Its modular design means that it will create minimum disruption should it need repairing or parts removed. 

Extremely easy installation and integrated gates.

Stability is provided by cantilever counter balance weights and our patent pending system can be easily installed around the complete roof perimeter or as a guide rail for a specific area or piece of equipment to provide a permanent safe working area.

Overall, Kite's UK Guardrail Freestanding Roof Edge System forms a sturdy, lightweight and durable collective fall protection system.



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