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Another Accreditation for KITE

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Last year, Kite joined Constructionline with Gold Accreditation, showing their commitment to the highest possible standards of excellence in safety. To coordinate Kite’s various aims and goals for its future, Kite drafted its first Corporate Social Responsibility Policy: the blueprint for enhancing the social value of Kite Group Ltd.

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Kite Group aimed for Gold Accreditation on Constructionline as a way to showcase its credentials, qualifications and value to potential buyers. The service aims to streamline the purchasing process for both customers and suppliers.

Kite provided documentation for Constructionline to carry out an independent assessment of their Health and Safety standards.

Kite’s Health and Safety Management system was judged by a team of experts to be suitable for all Constructionline buyers. Through a rigorous evaluation process, Kite were able to supply evidence of the quality systems in pace to safeguard customers and suppliers.

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This process gave Kite an opportunity to reflect on their current systems and how they might be improved.

For example, Kite revisited their Anti-Slavery Policy and upgraded it from a simple statement to include transparency in supply chains, business relationships and the importance of employers voicing concerns in a safeguarded way. An important part of these updated systems is the chance to review each policy every year and see how it might be improved.

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Through Constructionline, Kite Group can simplify the process of taking on new customers who can rest assured in Kite’s qualifications. Kite’s Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) award is clearly displayed, as well as their Social Value credentials.

As clients increasingly favour companies that are socially conscious, Constructionline makes it easier for buyers to award contracts to businesses like Kite that place social value at the heart of their ethos.

With their new Gold Accreditation, Kite Group are eager to start 2023 with the most streamlined, high quality and customer-focused buying process yet.

Follow Kite Group on LinkedIn to read in the next few weeks about Kite’s commitments through Planet Mark.


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